Videos de Verdi perdidos – Verdi’s lost videoes

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Hola a todos, soy la Jefa.
Hello to all, I am the Jefa.

Limpiando ayer mi teléfono móvil y mi ordenador, he encontrado estos dos videos de Verdi. En uno se lo ve feliz en la plaza una noche, y el otro, el último que grabe este verano en las vacaciones.
Cleaning yesterday my mobile telephone and my computer, I have found these two Verdi’s videoes. In one it one night meets happy in the square, and other one, the last one that He records this summer in the vacations.

Los queríamos compartir con todos. Espero que lo disfruten tanto como nosotros al verlo.
Nuestro perro grande, ya lleva dos meses sin nosotros, y le extrañamos mucho.
We wanted to share them with all. I hope that they enjoy it so much as us on having seen it. Our big dog, already He goes two months without us, and we surprise him very much.

12 comentarios sobre “Videos de Verdi perdidos – Verdi’s lost videoes

  1. oh lovely to have found such precious memories on a video!

    You will always treasure it now you have discovered it.

    I have not been blogging very much just lately due to one thing and another. So have been absent from the dog blogs.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful videos of dear Verdi.

    Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

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