Mi último post – My last post

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Hola a todos.
Con este post, damos por cerrado este blog. No le borraremos, se quedará así. Para el que quiera recordar las aventuras de ese magnífico perro que fue Verdi, puede hacerlo. Será como su rinconcito, su legado.
Le extrañamos mucho. Siempre estará con nosotros. Y este blog, será como tenerlo cerca siempre en el ciber espacio.
Gracias por vuestra amistad todos estos años, y nunca olviden a Verdi, mi perrito grande, como yo le llamaba..
Fdo. La jefa…

Hello to all.
With this post, we give for this blog closed. We will not erase it, it will remain like that. For the one that wants to remember the adventures of this magnificent dog that was Verdi, we can do it.
It will be like his little corne, hislegacy. We miss him very much. Always he will be with us. And this blog, it will be like to have it nearby always in the ciber I spread.
Thank you for your friendship all these years, and never forget Verdi, my big little dog, since I was calling him..
Fdo. The Jefa …

Chau Verdi.. te queremos!!! –
By Verdi .. we love you…!!!
20 Nov. 1994 – 14 Sept. 2009

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  1. Hola Jefa!
    Gracias por compartir este post!
    Yo se cuanto lo extrañas!
    Me da gusto saber que no borraras este blog. A mi me gusta venir a verlo de cuando en cuando para ver sus fotos y leer sus cosas!
    Cuidense mucho

  2. oh no! Please don't close it, we love your blog. We will never forget dear Verdi, but we also like to read your blog and will miss it so much!

    We hope you will re-consider closing it, it is a lovely memorial to dear Verdi, but we want to read about Gaucho too, we will miss you sooooo much.

    lots of love, Marvin xxxxxx

    and Jeannie xxxxxxxx

    Please don't go! We cannot always comment regularly but want to remain your friends.

    Have you thought about leaving this blog in memory of Verdi, and starting another one for Gaucho?

    I know it must be difficult for you after Verdi crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I cannot imagine your pain.

    I hope the sun shines again for you all soon.

    Jeannie xxxxxxx

  3. I came to wish little Gaucho a Happy Biwfday, and I can't believe my eyes. You awe saying goodbye???
    You awe wondewful fwiends and we love Vewdi and miss Vewdi always wif you, but we don't want you to stop youw blog..this makes me cwy
    smoochie kisses

  4. I will remember you, Verdi, and Gaucho forever. I loved your blog and I miss my dear dog, too, but know that they are probably together, and I can always visit them here in the aether, and remember all of the good times we had. Thanks for leaving this memorial up – I think it's a great thing to do. Much puppy love from the human of Charlie and Higgins

  5. I did not know, I Ihave just found out visiting your blog. I am so very very sorry. I loved Verdi very much he had a very special place in my mom's heart. We will all meet on the other side little Verdi, keep us safe until we catch up to you.

    So much love is sent to your mom and Gaucho.


  6. Dear Jefa and Gaucho
    We received a visitor to Beau's website from your blog and we wanted to thank you sincerely for continuing to help us find Beau. We miss Verdi very much too. Verdi always reminded our mum of her dear friend, Benmore. Sometimes mum wonders about closing my blog but we were hurt very badly by the way our mum and Khomet were treated. You will always be in our hearts and we always appreciated your friendship and your kindness in helping us find my brother, Beau. By the way, mum is still searching for Beau and finally she is getting some help from Members of Parliament to change legislation to help all the stolen animals in Australia. She still has a big battle ahead but at least this is a start. Please take good care of yourselves. I've missed you, and so has my mum and my family.
    Love from Hammer

  7. Hola!
    Siento mucho saber que Verdi murió, me estaba acordando de él hace rato y pensé en buscar el blog. Yo llevaba el blog de Camilita, una maltés de México, ella murió un mes después que Verdi después de una larga enfermedad.
    Ya se habrán encontrado en el cielo canino 🙂

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